UNESCO Students build Sustainable City

On Tuesday, March 13, the grade 5 UNESCO group went to the art room for a sustainable city building day and worked with Mr. Tanner and Mr. Stokes. The day started with each student getting a personal passport and getting to know each other. We had to sign our names and put our birth dates on the passports. We brought our passports home at the end of the day. Next, we played a bingo game to get to know each other better.
After this, we learned about different ways to make houses out of recyclable and sustainable things, such as recycled tire roofs, geothermal heating, straw bale walls, living roofs, triple pane win- dows, among others. Next, we built models of houses using recycled goods. We worked with partners. At recess, we each had a Timbit, juice box and yogurt.
After recess, we worked with a partner and got a pack of cards with questions about situations and scenarios. The cards were about what places are needed in a community and who you would call if you needed things in those situations. After we finished the question cards, we worked as a group to determine what places we wanted to have in our community. We got together with a partner, chose our building and using more recycled materials we built our model of the buildings. Next, it was lunchtime. For lunch, we had pizza from Chicken Delight. It was delicious!
After lunch recess, we went back to the art room and planned and designed our community using the models we had made earlier in the day. We decided to combine our communities as we decided it would be better to work together and combine our resources than be separate. Once this was done, we decided who would bring the buildings home. We cleaned up and that was the end of our day. It was a wonderful day!
By Kiera and Jamie