Spaghetti Bridges support Winnipeg Harvest

Prior to classes being suspended, 23 ÉBEYS built 10 spaghetti bridges which were entered into a provincial competition organized by Engineers & Geoscientists Manitoba.  Our 10 bridges withstood 269.9 kilograms of force!  For every kilogram our bridges withstood, the organizers donated $2 to Winnipeg Harvest.  This means our group raised $539.80 for the food bank!  This money will help feed approximately 3 families throughout the year.
The organizers also normally provide money for a class pizza party later in the year. However, since schools are closed, the organizers have instead made another $100 donation in our name to Winnipeg Harvest.  This will provide one large hamper to a family of 4 and another 10 lbs. of food for a child or adult.
A big thank you Monsieur Stokes' class as well as Everleigh, Leif, Hudson and Zach for taking part!!