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Practice French at Home!

Sites webs pour les familles

1)      To hear and practice French numbers, alphabet, phonics sounds and high frequency words, K-3.  


2)      To hear and read along, simple French texts, Gr.  1-2. Website has other French resources.


3)      To hear and practice French vocabulary and sentence structures,  Gr. 1-3


4)      To hear and practice sight words, You Tube, Gr. 1-3


5)      To hear and practice French colours and vocabulary, K-2


6)      A site for parents offering tips on how to help your child, and for students Gr. 3 and up, a variety of vocabulary and grammar review, click on toolbox section.


7)      To practice a variety of French language and math skills, level M and P1 correspond to Gr. 1 and up for French Immersion; no audio so this site is better for older students.


8)      To listen to and follow along French stories/texts at different reading levels. Click on tumblebooks; choose a language/ French; click on livres pour enfants  or romans jeunesses. (Close first tab to turn off background music.)


9)      To practice a variety of skills, Gr. K and up, also many links to other French websites, miniTFO, etc.​